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What is Braden's style?

Your photos are your legacy; they'll be passed down the generations. My style respects that, aiming for a sense of timelessness. It conveys connection, a hopeful future, and honest emotion.

What is a session like?

What should I wear?

This can depend on the situation/ location, but generally you'll search your closet for lighter, neutral tones. It's also best practice to wear minimal accessories. This helps keep the focus on YOU! Whatever you wear, make sure you feel comfortable and confident enough to rule the world. Read more on this topic here.

What are the best session times?

Every smile is genuine! The session should feel casual but guided. My goal is to foster a comfortable setting where you can dance, be silly, look off into the distance with a stoic expression -- whatever is true to you!

When will I receive my photos?

Your photo gallery will usually be available in two to four weeks. After your session, I take great care in organizing, color correcting, and making sure each photo adheres to a personal style guide.

The answer to this can vary based on your needs and the available light. Sessions closer to noon will produce more dramatic contrast. I love the softer, more flattering lighting in the hour leading to sunset.

Why should I order prints with you?

When you order prints through your gallery, you're receiving premium quality products. You can learn more about the photo labs here.

What's in my camera bag?

I shoot with the Sony A7III, one of the most popular full-frame mirrorless cameras on the market. The lens I usually have attached is the Sony 55mm f/1.8. For a bit of extra light, I also bring a reflector. My favorite camera bag looks like a simple lunchbox. Admittedly, it does sometimes hold snacks (don't judge).

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