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Braden Blue Photograhy, About Braden

Nice to meet you! I'm Braden.

When was the last time you looked at old family photos? What did you discover about yourself? I found the start to my photography journey.


It began when I restored and colorized a couple of my Grandparent's older photos.  When they saw the refreshed images, their nostalgia affected everyone in the room.

This is where the appreciation for history was cemented; the power of a photograph. 

Every photo is a moment preserved. That moment will never return, but its story - your story - lives on.

These photos are your legacy. I think it's incredible to be a part of that.

- Braden Blue, Your Photographer

Fun Facts

  • I graduated from UF with a B.S. in Telecommunications, specializing in Production.

  • I'm also a commercial voice over actor – you may have heard me on Spotify and our local radio stations!

  • My wife and I enjoy traveling to national parks. Yellowstone is our favorite.

Yellowstone Cow Elk.jpg
Yellowstone National Park/ Mammoth Hot Springs
Restored and colorized photo of Braden's Granny
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