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What To Wear To A Photo Session | Gainesville Photographer

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

When the sun rises and you jump out of bed (or look at your phone for ten minutes like me), one of the first steps in a morning routine is choosing what to wear. For some, this comes naturally; getting dressed is hardly a thought. For others…it’s a struggle. Self-doubt starts to whisper in your ear, turning the clothing process into a head-scratching affair. This blog post will help silence any self-doubt before your portrait session, and provide a few pointers to those who are confident in their wardrobe choices.

Clothing represents your freedom of choice, who you are, and who you want to be. This doesn’t change for a portrait session; you are 100% free to wear whatever you want. Well, 99% free.

I only have two rules:

1) Feel comfortable.

2) Feel like you could be on the cover of a fashion magazine.

I know, that doesn’t tell you WHAT to wear, though. When you’re rummaging through your closet in search of your Vogue outfit, there are some things to consider.

First, light colors work best for taking photos. This has to do with lighting. When the Florida sun is blocked by a building or starting to set, lighter colors will allow you to stand out, as well as prevent an unnatural appearance. It’s also easier to pull out more detail while editing.

Second, you want the focus to stay on YOU. This means reaching for solid, neutral colors, and minimal patterns and accessories. It’s also suggested that nail polish and makeup are kept simple.

Third, your clothes contribute to your story. If you have an outfit you adore that flips the first two suggestions on their heads, wear it! The most important thing is to respect what is uniquely you. Otherwise, you’ll break my only two rules.

When in doubt, choose comfort! Everyday clothes, your Sunday best, a Halloween costume…whatever it is, tell your story. I'm always available to give advice before a session, as well.

Always be true to yourself, and confidence will follow.

Your Portrait Photographer,

Braden Blue

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